Little Blue Fairy

spread your magic

“Little Blue Fairy is a kids lifestyle company that inspires imaginative play through its handmade clothing, toys, accessories and stories.
The founders, Camille & Tanya both come from an artistic background and have been raised by artist mothers. Growing up in France and India, inspired by memories of a whimsical childhood, they have always been attracted to the world of enchanted stories and fairy tales.
Together, they are building a brand that enhances make-believe and celebrates the magic, freedom and spontaneity of a child’s imagination.
Combining their complementary skill sets, talents, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for beautifully handcrafted products, they aim to bring magic to the next generation of happy, inspired and creative children of the world.”

Our Inspirations

We are inspired by all things dreamy and magical, and the memories of our childhood. Our products are created with a French vintage aesthetic, mixed with Californian chic and grounded in shades of blue. We believe in the magic and are hopeful that our brand, through clothing, little characters, books and playful accessories,  brings a little bit of it into your life.

Whimsical and romantic, playful and endearing. These are our inspirations and this is our fairytale.

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Camille Zanette

Camille grew up in the South of France with her sister and 2 artist parents. She has always had a true love for studio environments, with their piles of canvases, paint smells, variety of colors and endless creative possibilities. 

She traveled throughout South East Asia and lived in Singapore prior to relocating to San Francisco. She is the mother of Lucien & Zurie. Two active kids that inspire her work.
When not sewing, creating, baking, multitasking or playing with her kids, Camille is a full time International Marketing professional.


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Tanya Gyani

Tanya's background is in residential interior design and home decoration. She was born and raised in India, and a lot of her inspiration comes from the unique textiles and crafts that are a part of the country's rich heritage. Tanya went to design school in India, Italy and the South of France and went on to work as an interior designer in Dubai, Hong Kong and India before moving to the U.S. Having lived and worked in four countries has been an enriching experience that continues to give her an appreciation for different cultures, aesthetic sensibilities and a global perspective that she brings to her work.